Expedition Edition
Live your life your way.
Enrich it with Unimog 417 adventures.
We believe that a life full of adventures is a life well-lived. It is in the new, untamed and natural places that we get inspired and find our best selves, so our purpose is to awaken a passion for exploring new places, for all. And its not only the final destination but the fun and adventures journey in a Unimog 417 that stays in our memory. And if you wonder...his name is ''James''.

Asha & Olin
Engadine , Switzerland
The Coast of Tuscany , Italy
Tuscany , Italy
Pisa, Italy
Lake Maggiore, Italy
Lake d'Orta , Italy
Lake Como, Italy
San Bernardino, Switzerland
Rodels-Realta, Switzerland
Val Calanca, Switzerland
Urmein, Switzerland
Engadine, Switzerland
Donat, Switzerland
Rheinwald, Switzerland
Holz 2019 Exhibition Basel, Switzerland
Somaggia, Italy
San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland
Lake Garda, Italy
Monte Spluga, Italy
Splügen, Switzerland
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